Dead hand

You know when the jelly in your conscience becomes firm it means that you are strong and when it starts to take shape it means you know who you are. There is nothing more significant to being.

And while we still waste our time trying to find what we want we will soon realise that we’ve been neglecting what we have. This makes me an arsehole. I’m always after challenges cos the idea of not having what I want is exciting. But no matter how hard I try, I fuck up big time. Most of all I’ve been neglecting my head, myself. I’ve led my pride towards this injury that could’ve been prevented. Maybe it’s my hunger to learn to become stronger than I am now. With indifference as my friend and companion.

‘Dead Hand –

Grieve for the loveless, spiritless, faceless men
Without alternative but to protract
Reason’s mortmain on what their hearts deny-
Themselves- …

-Robert Graves’

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