An existential cry

If you happened for a reason

Then all you do will be of no meaning

We’ll go pass the season

With not one single feeling

Chance is there to be seized

But choices lead towards paralysis

All these memories diseased

Don’t bother for further analysis

Once I’ve made up my mind

I’ll walk that desolate path alone

My creator gave me no sign

I’ll make the decision on my own

A numb embrace in the cold

One last kiss to depart from the past

One last sentiment to unfold

Hoping that at least the image will last

If your existence is of a purpose

It will be a meaning that you created

An unmasked clown in the circus

Receiving his blowjob, long-awaited

We deserve what we earn

Moreover, we’re doomed to be free

With several lessons to learn

A long journey awaits me


P-chan (c) 2012

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