The water and my body

Given that Canada has a continental climate, the ground heats up and cools down quicker than a country dominated by the maritime climate.

What I am trying to say is that earth is more capable of stability than water. The water here around me stirs my fellow people’s moods and emotions. Sometimes it drags them into a state of confusion, indecisiveness and restlessness, which I instantly find contagious.

My final decision is to experience proper seasons again like we used to twenty years ago before the water began to reach high above our heads. And yet, it was the water that cleansed my obscure senses and kept my skin from drying out. Despite being in love with the water, I fear it in my dreams, as Jason Vorhees does. Representing the fear of the unknown and unpredictable that is yet to throw you off balance. That’s when you realise that even children are more confident and determined than you ever will be again.

But I am ok now. If experience and age hold us back from making major decisions, then I believe that we have taken too many things to heart and forgotten how to live.

Another aspect of water or the sea is that it can’t let go easily. It takes time to heat up, which means it needs time before it rouses into any action unless someone like the moon uses its charm to light it up. It takes time for the water to cool down as well, so by the time the water is over a particular event, it’s already time to venture into something new, but it’s scared.

However, the worst error to commit is not moving. I fear stagnation, the state of lacking strength to break out from a self-built cage in which one self-medicates himself and sleeps off the future, which will never come.

One thing I told myself is that I will plunge headlong into everything I find worth doing, as that’s the only way to come to terms with my past mistakes.

When I entered the rain room, I just ran straight into the rain without even spotting the safe spots first. If that’s naïve, then I believe I have nothing to lose these days. I will melt before anyone with this heat inside, and I will most likely add to the water that’s already evident around you. I won’t deny that there is also something sexual about it.

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