The rat

rat_showerIt seems like the snake has laid eyes on the rat this year. Unfortunately, the rat is vulnerable, obtuse and disoriented right now. But he’s less likely to be the first to give up. No matter how tired, he’ll bite his way through. After betraying the ox, the cat and abusing the elephant, he doesn’t have many friends. The truth is, he has never been good with friends. He doesn’t mean to upset anyone. Of course, he has dear ones who trusts with his life, but he doesn’t see them much. That’s what makes them special. Besides, he needs a lot of space for himself. What saddens him is that nobody really knows him. Every new creature that you encounter has a different effect on you. One may help you towards the pursuit of self-fulfilment, and the other may help you find love. Along the way, you might forget who you are, or love might make you blind.
The rat knows better now; you can’t trust the honeymoon phase. Every fire will go out. The rat’s mother has always advised him to steer clear of disappointments; one should always trust his own instincts more than anything. So the rat has always relied on himself. It’s the safest thing to do in a world like this.
But never has the rat met anyone worthy of his kindness.
When the rat went off to see the world, he made many friends and even fell for a pig that did him no good. It was his first encounter with romance. It took him a long time to realize that the relationship was based on a lie. However, he made friends with other fellow rats and even some oxen, rabbits and tigers. Going through tough times also means to learn and grow.
A horse gave him a little ride as well, and wishful thinking has almost gotten him again.
Phases of uncertainty and demoralization have been dragging the rat down a lot lately. Moreover, he cannot handle the 21st-century’s mind, as everyone he cares about seems to fall into a downward spiral. It’s either save his friends and risk falling into the spiral too, or simply leave this place. The rat is scared of indecision because he won’t ever feel good enough for anybody. Moreover, as long as uncertainty rules his friends, he won’t be able to help them.
But most importantly, the rat has learned many lessons. There’s movement in the water. And like the water, he must move. And like the air, he has to travel. And his passion will soon burn like fire. And the earth will be the solid ground he walks on.
The rat packs his bag.


by P-chan (c) 2013

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