Temporary detachment and incoherence

Maybe I’ve changed my mind and want to go to Argentina instead–go down the Devil’s Throat for some cleansing.

I feel detachment at its best. I’m looking for a place to excise this inner heat appropriately. I have heat to give away, anyone? Why would you need it? It’s almost summer…

If you know any other healthy channel of release, I’d love to hear it. Whisper it to me.

Are you cold?

Then let’s fuse, and together we form the whole sexy picture!


I swear to God, the last letter to God was not a prayer!

Why do I make everything dirty?

My friend says I tend to make good men turn bad. It seems.

The result of kindness vs. kindness is bad? I’ve seen it all before—no strength to try again and give what I don’t need.

Sometimes it feels like the only person I lie to is myself. There is an error in the phrase “You get what you give.”

There’s no proof that you’re not alone. I remember Donnie Darko saying something similar to his therapist. I remember saying it to my fictional characters, and they said it was all just imagination– imagination and soliloquy. What you imagine is not real (unless it makes sense).

Maybe it’s best to succumb to the lie and forget about the rest. The truth beneath has become irrelevant. I’m too tired to care, too disconnected to re-engage.

I was going backward on yesterday’s journey. Now that I’m going forward again, I’m scared. I’m tired, exhausted, finding it hard to breathe. So hard to breathe…

I mustn’t forget that I’m in my golden years and that I need to hang on for a little while.

Where is the way out of this labyrinthine shopping centre?

I hate my room so much I spent the night at the university library.

I got the letter of introduction, and I don’t seem to care. I don’t feel anything right now. Still, I long to feel and speak; I want to experience something new.

No more reruns of the past. Some fires have gone out like it was a sign to move on. Something out there knows what’s best for me. But don’t you think that after 27 years I should know better?

I seem to have lost the plot of this story tonight. I lost it and lost it again.

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