A rather lovely thing

I think I’m feeling positive about this. Things that are only temporary should be consumed fully and enjoyed to the maximum. I guess everything will remain beautiful then. Even this little bubble of melancholy is a sign of good fortune, indicating that every end is marked with a learned lesson. The point of it all is not to look back and talk about it. It seems that if you do, it will always come back to haunt you.

How would you choose to be remembered? I wonder how you will remember me. I don’t need reminders, as I will think of you every single day, even if it’s for a millisecond.

How nice would it be not to be forgotten? But I want you to forget every particle of me right now. Nothing has ever brought us close without tearing us apart. I don’t want to be remembered that way. Remove and burn all evidence.

I saw a snail in the rain yesterday, and it was the first time I saw one going in the same direction as me. Sadly this has never happened before. I never meet people going the same way as me. What we want is always different; our needs are never aligned.

I don’t believe in compromises like I don’t believe in relationships and love right now. Things either fit completely or not at all. Is it wrong to pursue one’s passions while already having everything?

Why we all want to go beyond what already loves us and why we continue chasing those that won’t ever hold us, I don’t know. I really don’t.

I blame the era of choices. Your choice. To throw away what you have. And I don’t blame you because I’m doing the same thing. Love is a rather lovely thing that we can’t handle anymore. It feels like plastic.

First, I bought the ticket for the sake of oblivion, naïve enough to believe that it will work, but in the end, I bought it for reality. Sometimes I guess that’s a rather lovely thing. The awareness of it has become essential.

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