When I say it’s enough

Enough of beating around the bush and metaphors – I shall be plain and simple for this one.


I don’t care what people think anymore.

I don’t care what people don’t understand.

I don’t care what people really see.

I don’t care if I’m a socially awkward introvert.


If it doesn’t feel right, it just doesn’t.


We’re all different, and that’s all there is.

I won’t take shit from anyone anymore.

I won’t let anyone push me towards something that’s not right for me.

I won’t chase anyone unless I have a serious bone to with them.

And I will no longer explain things more than twice.


I’m sick of feeling bad.

I’m sick of feeling guilty.

I’m sick of waiting.

All for no good reason.


I will do what makes me feel good (without harming others).

I will do what I think is right.


If you ask me who I am, I say that I’m someone with anxieties that decided not to go on medication (because I have my own ways of dealing with them). If you have a problem with that, you have to go; otherwise, I will.


When I say it’s enough, trust me, it is enough.


On the other hand, I care about a lot of things. However, a majority of it is broken, and it’s beyond my ability to fix it. Suppose you know how it feels, and you can empathize – good. If you can’t, then don’t say a word.

I’m not stupid; I would obviously focus on what I can fix.


It sucks to be a Cancer because it takes more time to toughen up. We often fall on our faces because we hold on for too long or set our hopes too high. But we want to give it at least a try. My favourite Cancer is in his fifties – and he knows how people tick, but I don’t.

He is my guru, and I’m learning from him.

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