Flying demon skeletons

I had a nightmare last night where I was in a dark place. All I could see were skeleton demons flying around and then towards me. I was fortunate enough to have friends with me–protective friends. I was shaking in terror. Those flying creatures tried to tell me something, but I refused to listen. Some demon skeleton was looking for me. He was in the water. It was my ex. My friends hid me behind their backs. And he carried on swimming without seeing me. I felt relieved.

Something makes me want to go back to that dark place. To end it once and for all.

I can’t explain these dreams right now. I’m too tired and emotionally exhausted. There is no reason for anything I do at the moment. I try to think, but each thought escapes me, and I see no purpose. I have a hard time listening, but I appreciate your presence.

I lost my keys.

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