A little escape


Blending in quite well

Halfway through

Too much ginger ale

Nasty confessions

Need to be said

I’m becoming a good actress

Still miss Audrey Hepburn

Thinking about Alaska Highway

A little escape

My voice is tired

My mouth is, too

Most of the words I utter

Don’t have to be

Some breaths you’d rather save for Yoga

It’s an exhale

Not a word

I don’t like to utter words

Still rainy…

The sound of rain splashing against the leaves

These are not words

The sound does it all

Still blending in

To distract myself

From nasty thoughts

I know it needs to be done

An actress needs to reveal

And hide

Transform emotions

Thinking about the sun in Austin

A little escape

My voice is still  tired

My mouth is dry

But some words have to be

P-chan (c) 2014

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